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‘An oasis for coffee lovers in the capital.’

Alan Kelly, Sunday World 17th November 2013

‘The baking is quite exceptional.’
‘The croissants are probably the best in the country.’
‘Absolutely everything is made from scratch on the premises, right in front of you in fact.’

Tom Doorley, The Restaurant List, The Irish Times, 26th September 2009

‘This was a damn fine sandwich.’

Angela Flannery, The Irish Independent, 7th September 2007

‘Then there’s food, unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere in Dublin.’
‘Stuffed focaccia’s are baked on-site and served quite literally, fresh from the bakers oven behind the counter.’

Aoife Ni Dhalaigh, The Herald, 9th March 2007

‘The food is astonishingly good.’

Ross Golden Bannon, Sunday Business Post, 27th August 2006

‘The croissants are the best in Dublin.’
‘Everything is prepared with care and with first class ingredients.’
‘The coffee is superb.’

Tom Doorley, The 100 Best Restaurants List, The Irish Times Magazine, 2nd July 2005

‘Panem is an absolute gem.’

Louise East, The Irish Times, 11th July 1998

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